Aug 23, 2012

Success Story: Tuxton Sightings

Recognize the bow tie on the bottom of those two cups? What about the handsome gentlemen holding the cups? 

 Lorenzo Tuxton Sighting

Those gentlemen are Jose and Alfredo Lorenzo, President and Vice President of J & E Restaurant Supply, showing the Tuxton logo on the bottom of their coffee mugs at a recent meal. They posted this photo to the J & E Facebook timeline, and it was eventually shared to Tuxton’s timeline

Posting these pictures is now known as a Tuxton Sighting. The Tuxton China Company’s Facebook Timeline has an album of Tuxton Sightings with over 240 photos dating back to 2010, and it’s growing every day. The Tuxton Sightings campaign with word-of-mouth and now Facebook, has helped Tuxton to build up its brand. 

“It started with employees,” said Jennifer Burden-Rolander, Marketing Manager at Tuxton. 

“We’re all in the foodservice business, so we’d go into a restaurant and the first thing we’d do is flip the plate over to see whose it was. Facebook is pretty much the perfect vehicle to post these pictures and allow others to as well. Now, other people are starting to do it. It’s turned into a great way to promote our brand. When people see the bow tie we want them to know it’s Tuxton and that it’s a quality product.” 

Flipping plates and coffee cups over before eating and then posting pictures of Tuxton products in real time is an easy task. It turns out it can also be a fun and effective way for Tuxton to use real life experiences to engage with it’s community of social customers

“I had told Alfredo about Tuxton Sightings a couple of weeks before we posted the photo,” said Carmen Baker who runs J & E’s social media. 

“Then we went to lunch and he noticed they had Tuxton so he asked me to take the picture and post it. We just thought it was a really neat idea. We know how important it is to have people participate in social media, and it’s a fun thing to do.” 

Beyond having fun, Tuxton Sightings have proven to help build meaningful business relationships as well as generate buzz about the brand. 

Burden-Rolander cited several examples where she’s been in restaurants and performed a Tuxton Sighting that led to conversations with the restaurants’ chefs and owners that ultimately led to sales. 

“They’re often impressed with what we’re doing,” said Burden-Rolander, “It shows that even these little things pay off. One of the customers we met during a Sighting is now getting rid of competitors’ products and bringing everything over to Tuxton.” 

The effects of the Tuxton Sightings have been felt beyond Tuxton. Baker reported that J & E has received some feedback on its Tuxton Sighting as well. 

“A lot of our customers will ask us about it,” Baker said, “A lot of people follow our Facebook. It definitely works. We’ve had a couple ‘Likes’ on the post, but most people will come in and ask about it.” 

From Tuxton’s perspective, the sales that the sightings have generated have been great, but the relationships that they’re building are an even greater benefit, especially when it’s the participation and mutual promotion between members of SEFA. 

“It’s the whole idea behind a buying group,” said Burden-Rolander, “You’re not only part of a group where you work together and provide a service for one another. It’s about supporting everybody. To have a SEFA Member take the time to check their cups and take a photo and post it, I think that says a lot.” 

It turns out, posting a Tuxton Sighting is a pretty big deal for the bow tie. 

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